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Saturday, April 3, 2010

The weather fooled me

Well I would have never guessed that the weather would do such a cruel trick, but then again it was April 1st, and to my dismay it snowed!!!!!!! I love snow. I think it is beautiful, but not after 4 months of seeing it every day. We had finally had some beautiful weather, and all of a sudden when we were on our way to Frankfurt there is was again grrrrr I wanted to spit at it, only it was too cold.

Friday, March 26, 2010

The hermit has left the cave!
Maybe some of you didn't get the news, but it was everywhere here in the little sleepy village. I actually left the house. With my mother visiting we decided to go to Neuschwanstein, the most well known castle in Germany. It was built for King Ludwig II, who was an adamant admirer or Richard Wagner's operas, and dedicated this beautiful castle to him. However, the castle was never completed because of rising costs and his premature death/murder/suicide at the age of 40. His life was all about magic, mystery and fiction, and he wanted to be surrounded by such wonder. I felt strangely connected to his king, because I to have the same desire. I would love nothing more than to live in a world where faeries, trolls, goblins, and such were seen and believed. but alas they only exist in my mind and on my sketchbook pages.

The picture above is from inside the castle looking down at the lake where King Ludwig was killed. He died in just a few inches of water. Maybe he was the incarnation of Narcissus, I doubt it though. It is a shame that we were not allowed to take pictures of the different rooms in the castle because the artistry was amazing. The throneless throne room was a beauty. Full of rich colors, red and gray marble, a breath taking chandelier made to resemble a Byzantium crown, and painted images of saints, kings, and my favorite a dragon!

Monday, March 8, 2010

The eternal circus

Whenever I venture out of my cozy cave I always happen to see the circus tent. Who would have guessed that the traveling wonders would have chosen Schopfloch as their winter vacation spot. I will have to take a picture to prove their existance. Anyways, I was really into the new challenge for Monday art day.
what do you think?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hello from the Hermit

Let me introduce myself. My name is Wooni (well not really but that is what I call myself), and I am currently living in a very picturesque German Village in the Black Forest. They were lacking a crazy person and a hermit, and I gladly accepted the job. It can be difficult at times, but my eccentricities and wild ideas make my job look easy. After wandering around my cave without any idea how to live my life, I finally decided to buck down and finally use up my energy to do what I have always wanted to do, but was to afraid to be terrible at it, and that is to write and draw. Sounds easy, but when you have the hardest critique ready every word and looking at every line you draw it can seem impossible. That critique would be myself. I am a perfectionist, and it can be very hard to live with myself. In addition to being a crazy perfectionist Hermit I am shy, and a lot of the time lack the motivation to fulfill my crazy ideas. But with a new year, and now a fresh month I have decided to take charge.

Who knows if anyone will be reading this or not.......but if anyone is welcome and thank you. I truly appreciate you taking a look and hopefully leaving a comment. I love comments by the way.